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Say hello to Florence

We’d like to officially introduce Florence to the BVD family.

Florence is going to cut our production time considerably, which means more product on the shelves for you, and more time with our families for us. Also more time to experiment with fun new products. It’s win/ win!

“Why Florence?” You ask. Well, we were inspired by two insanely talented women, who both went by the name of ‘Florence’. Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern Nursing, and Florence Mary Taylor, architect, engineer and fearless Pilot. With 2 Nurses, a Pilot (+ engineer) and a Builder in our team, we felt a strong connection with this name.

Florence Nightingale is well known for her contribution to modern nursing care. She was efficient, innovative and significantly reduced the mortality rate of wounded soldiers during the Crimean War. Florence Nightingale earned the nickname of ‘Lady with the lamp’ as she personally attended both the physical and psychological needs of the patients in her Field Hospital.

Florence Mary Taylor was a trailblazer for women. Her achievements included:

• First known Australian Woman to fly

• First qualified female architect in Australia

• First woman admitted to the UK’s ‘Institution of Structural Engineers’.

And in addition to this she operated as a publisher, editor and writer for influential Trade Journals in the building industry. An impressive CV!

If you’ve read this far, thank you! There have been a lot of ‘firsts’ for us too, being the first Distillery in the Blackwood Valley, operating out of the first Cidery in WA. We aim to continue incorporating innovation, excellence and a holistic approach to business, production and the people of BVD.


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